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How to Solve XAMPP Problem Port 80, 443 in use by Skype

I’m trying to start XAMPP Control Panel, but I got these error messages: Port 80 in use by "c:\program files (x86)\skype\phone\skype.exe"! Port 443 in use by "c:\program files (x86)\skype\phone\skype.exe"! The easiest way to solve this XAMPP problem is shutdown your Skype, and restart your XAMPP Control Panel. But that is not a smart solution.

Free Amazon ASIN Scraper Tool

I just released a new free tool namedĀ Amazon ASIN Scraper. This tool will help you to scrape ASIN on Amazon’s pages. How to use Amazon ASIN Scraper First, go to Amazon, and copy the URL of the page that you want to be scraped Open the Amazon ASIN Scraper Paste the Amazon’s page URL

How to Solve This Oracle Error ORA-28000: the account is locked

When I try to connect to my Oracle Database, I got this error message: ORA-28000: the account is locked The easiest solution for this ORA-28000 issue is simply execute this SQL as SYSDBA from SQL Plus or any other SQL Editor: alter user <username> account unlock; Don’t forget to change the bold part <username>.

How to Add Virtual Directory Alias on Apache Xampp

Do you want to create some alias or you can call it virtual directory on Apache Xampp? I’m using Windows Xampp as an example here. If you’re using Linux, you just need to adjust the path. Why do you need an alias or virtual directory? Supposed you have installed Xampp on some directories, like:

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