Free Amazon ASIN Scraper Tool

I just released a new free tool named Amazon ASIN Scraper. This tool will help you to scrape ASIN on Amazon’s pages.

How to use Amazon ASIN Scraper

  • First, go to Amazon, and copy the URL of the page that you want to be scraped
  • Open the Amazon ASIN Scraper
  • Paste the Amazon’s page URL into the Starting Page field
  • Fill the recaptcha field and press Submit button.

You will see some messages similar to these one:

Starting Page:
Output File: amazon_asin-5083e77e225a5.txt

Click the Output File link. If you see a message similar with this on top, it means the scraping process is completed:

Total: 104 ASIN

But if you’re not seeing that message, you have to wait until the scraping process completed. It depends on how many pages you scraped. The maximum pages is about 400 pages, and it takes about 20 minutes to complete. For some categories, such as Books, the maximum pages is 100.

PS: In the next release update, I will add an option to send a notification via email, to let you know that the scraping process is completed. Just stay tuned. 🙂

— Updated: November 4, 2012 —

As I said earlier, now you can put your email address. Once the scraping process is completed, this tool will send you an email, to let you know whether the scraping process is success or failed.