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How to Logout or Kill Other User’s Process in Ubuntu

So you want to force logout other user? Or you want to kill other user’s process? I’ve got a quick and dirty solution for you. sudo pkill -KILL -u username Don’t forget to replace the username with the user you want to be kill-ed. That command will kill all process owned by username. You

How to Install Java Plugin for Chrome, Chromium and Firefox in Ubuntu

So, you’ve installed Java on your machine, but your Chrome, Chromium or Firefox browser doesn’t recognize it. Here’s how to enable Java plugin for Chrome, Chromium and Firefox in Ubuntu. All you need to do is just creating a symbolic link of You can find it in your Java home directory, mine is

How to Formatting a Date in JSP

In JSP, to format a date into some pattern, you can use JSTLĀ <fmt:formatDate>. Let’s assumed that ${bean.createdDate} returns java.util.Date, here’s how to use it: <%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="" %> ... <fmt:formatDate value="${bean.createdDate}" pattern="MMM-dd-yyyy / HH:mm:ss" />

How to Change Default Next and Previous Links in WordPress

I’m using Twenty Eleven wordpress theme, and the default labels for the previous and next post links are “Previous” and “Next“. So, instead of that ugly labels, I’d like to change it to post title. Here’s how to do it. Go to theme editor, it’s in Appearance -> Editor, and click the Single Post

How to tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies

My workplace uses a HTTP proxy. When I want to SSH into my VPS is always failed because it was blocked. Therefore, I use Corkscrew. What is Corkscrew? Corkscrew is a program enables the user to tunnel arbitrary TCP connections through most HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers. Combined with features of SSH such as

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